suddenspace is a popup show planned to start in Arlington, VA this November 2010. A popup show is a temporary gallery space that brings storefront art programming to the public.

suddenspace is derived from the energy required to develop an event like this.  Artists have to be on their feet and available to make snap decisions to acquire a space, curate a show and promote it in under 30 days.  There’s an excitement to the speed which these shows develop.  The energy is strong, and the results are really quite amazing when we take a space that’s in transition and turn it into a museum quality exhibition.  This takes effort, passion, and love for the exhibitions we create.

suddenspace is about an idea, it’s a collective, it’s a group, and it’s a movement.

Art in Transition events are sponsored by artdc and Fine Art Ventures, LLC.

The 2010 Art in Transition: suddenspace, Arlington Sponsors are: